Contour Press

Rice University's online design magazine OffCite featured Contour in a recent story by M. Lawrence Dillon.

OffCite is the digital home of Cite: The Architecture + Design Review of Houston, published by the Rice Design Alliance since 1982. Here's the story:


The Houston Press recently featured a comprehensive story about the personal journey of Jamar Simien, the co-founder and CEO of Contour. 

The Houston Press is an online newspaper published in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1989, it covers every aspect of Houston culture including art, music, cuisine, sports and politics. It reports a monthly readership of 1.6 million online users. Here's the story:


The American Press newspaper recently featured Contour in a story titled "Building Relationships, Furniture and a Better World"

The American Press is a flagship newspaper that has covered all of southwest Louisiana, including the co-founder's hometown of Lake Charles, for over 100 years. To read the full article, click the link below:


Voyage Houston recently highlighted Jamar Simien, the CEO and co-founder of Contour. They discussed Jamar's diverse background in design, the origin of the company and the importance of using Houston's diversity as a way to build meaningful connections in business. 

Voyage Houston was started as the Voyage Group of Magazines in Los Angeles. After generating their first million page views in LA, they expanded the platform to celebrate local artists in the city of Houston. Here's the link to the interview: