Our Inspiration

"We are inspired by our travels and our relationships with the people that we collaborate with. Each experience adds value to the unique narrative of Contour Functional Art."
-Jamar Simien
An Unforgettable Experience
Original oil painting by Jamar Simien, the Creative Director of Contour, after a recent trip to East Africa. The painting was donated for an auction to support The Jacaranda School, a school for orphans in Malawi. Contour has partnerships with several organizations across East Africa.
Malawi Material Palette

Site specific design is important to our design team. The very early stages of our design process involves gathering materials from the place that inspires the work of art. These are material studies from Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa. The material palette will be used as inspiration for lines, colors and textures for future artwork.


Our Design Process
Sketches on the plane (From Houston to DC to Ghana to South Africa to Malawi)
The Road Less Traveled