Our Story




Contour designs and builds artful furniture and collectibles for home, commercial and hospitality clients around the world. Meticulously hand milled in Malawi, each original work of art is hand-built to the highest standards in our workshop in Houston. The Contour coin featuring the designer’s signature and the year the tree was salvaged is embedded into each piece of furniture we create, thereby confirming it’s originality and authenticity. 

Our work is based on the intriguing character of natural wood, especially the African Mahogany tree. The vivid variations of color and grain patterns of the Mahogany are truly one of a kind, and the Mulanje Mahogany coffee table is the most popular piece in our collection. 



"Good Company" is an oil painting created by our co-founder and lead designer Jamar Simien, after returning from his most recent trip to Malawi, Africa.