Our Story


We started with one goal- to create beautiful art that can actually be used. After months of researching, challenges and breakthroughs, we have developed our dream into a reality. The basis of our concept is that art should not just be seen, it should be experienced. Art should be celebrated. It should be used as a way to enrich our lives and be connected to our memories.

Our art brings life to living spaces and intrigue to office spaces through careful design and flawless craftsmanship. We believe in the seamless connection between design and build, with each drawn line of our work being influential to the next. Telling meaningful stories through art is our passion, and we look forward to designing and building your brand new piece of functional art.


"Good Company" is an oil painting created by our co-founder and lead designer Jamar Simien, after returning from his most recent trip to Malawi, Africa.