Our Pledge


We have a great team at CONTOUR because we empower each other. We believe in designing and building in a sustainable way, while reinvesting back into the community from which we source trees. In order to do this, we have built meaningful relationships in Africa through our outreach efforts with schools, villages and local tree nurseries. 

We created a program called R.O.S.E., which stands for "Reinvest, Outreach, Sustain and Empower." These are the four pillars of our design company. Exotic wood is our canvas. Our most coveted wood species is without a doubt African Blackwood. It is one of the most revered and expensive wood species in the world.

Called "Mpingo" by tribal Africans, this member of the Rosewood family has long been recognized as the world's best tone wood.

We chose to name the program R.O.S.E. after the African Blackwood tree. The very high caliber of the tree directly relates to the very high level of expectation that we hold for ourselves and the work that we produce. Through our outreach program, we are planning ways to uplift several communities in East Africa, while connecting these communities to our clients in the states. We hope that it will inspire more interest and appreciation of the value that East Africa can offer to the rest of the world.

-The CONTOUR team