The Zomba Coffee Table
The Zomba Coffee Table

The Zomba Coffee Table

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A gorgeous African Acacia coffee table waiting to be shipped to a client in America. It’s beyond a conversation piece, it’s a legacy piece. A family heirloom. Acacia trees are the most iconic trees in Africa. The subject of countless silhouette sunset photos, this picturesque tree is forever linked with vast African savannas and the natural beauty of the continent.

Contour designs cannot be duplicated because each piece features a different cut from an exotic tree, only found on location in East Africa. Each exotic tree is sustainably sourced and goes through a careful drying and cleaning process, before moving on to the next phase of the project. Named after the town of Zomba in Southern Malawi, this coffee table is guaranteed to stop your guests in their tracks. Designed by award winning artist Jamar Simien, the character of this composition is conveyed with photos, but it's even more impressive in person.

Featuring Contour's signature steel rebar legs found and fabricated in Malawi, the design calls on historical elements of Mid Century Modern, but it fearlessly carves it's own path in the world of premium furniture design. All of the materials are indigenous to East Africa and have all been repurposed. After a collaborative effort with our team in Malawi, we developed a prototype for the design. After carefully refining every aspect of the idea, our dream became a reality.   

In partnership with Root to Fruit, we are pledging to plant 15 fruit trees in the country of Malawi when this table is sold. The client can choose the tree species, will receive a certificate from the non-profit organization, and will also have a GPS location of where their trees have been planted in Africa.

Materials: African Acacia on Signature Custom Steel Rebar Legs

Dimensions: Height: 16.5" x Length: 38" x Width: 29" x Thickness: 2.5"