Repurposed Metal Map of Louisiana
Repurposed Metal Map of Louisiana
Repurposed Metal Map of Louisiana

Repurposed Metal Map of Louisiana

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One of a kind found material metal map of Louisiana. This is an exclusive original product offered by CONTOUR. It's perfect for any home or restaurant in the state of Louisiana!

Made in Malawi, Africa, this piece of art is guaranteed to stop your guests in their tracks when entering the room. It commands attention as it has probably never been seen before in the states. This one of a kind piece was designed by award winning artist Jamar Simien in January of 2019 while in East Africa. Jamar and a Malawian artisan named Joseph found metal scraps from old machines, bikes and cars. After finding specific pieces that fit their vision, they collaborated to craft this beautiful piece of art from scratch.

These metal maps can be custom ordered at any shape or size. The Louisiana and Texas maps that we showcase in our catalog all are different in their own way, so there is no exact uniform size. You can request a general size and our metal worker will create a map as close to the desired dimensions as possible. 

We currently have metal maps of Africa, Texas and Louisiana in our design workshop in Malawi. We can create any shape and any size metal sculpture. Contact us for more information.


Small: 26"W x 26"H x 1.5" Thickness 

Medium: 33.5"W x 39"H  x 1.5" Thickness       

Large: 48"W x 48"H x 1.5" Thickness

Weight varies by size, but ranges from 20 lbs to over 100 lbs. 

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